South African Importers and Distributors of Photographic Products
Durban South Africa - Tel: +27 (0)31 9049226


Fine Art giclee printing on fine-art paper and canvas

Photography and Photoshop workshops with Willem Oets

Datacolor Spyder -  Monitor calibration
devices from Switzerland

Kirk tripod ball heads, camera plates,
 lens plates etc from USA

VisibleDust sensor cleaning - Artic Butterfly,
V-swabs, liquids and loupes from Canada

Stylish ONA Antique leather and canvas
camera bags from Italy

Carry Speed Sling strap for cameras - with ball head compatible camera plates - from USA

Audio-visual production software and industry standard projection screens from Austria



MedImage distributors of VisibleDust, Kirk, DataColor, Stumpfl, ONA, Carry Speed products in South Africa.  Tel: +27 31 9049200

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